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Educational Development Foundation

A Brief Introduction of the
Educational Development Foundation of NUPT

  The Educational Development Foundation of NUPT, as a non-governmental organization which possesses the capacity of an independent legal entity, was officially approved of and registered with Jiangsu Provincial Civil Administration Bureau in July, 2007. According to the pertinent regulations of “About the publication of ‘The Notice of the Certification of the Qualification for Pre-tax Deduction of Donations of Jiangsu Non-profitable Public Welfare Social Groups and Foundations’ ”, Jiangsu General Office of Finance, Bureau of Civil Affairs, Revenue, Local Tax Bureau jointly publicized the approval. It said that the Educational Development Foundation possessed all the conditions for application, and after several examinations and verifications, was officially approved to possess the qualification for pre-tax deduction of donations.
  Every little makes a mickle. Let’s work together to turn our concern and care for education into actions. To create an extraordinary studying environment for the students, we now adjure people from all walks of life to reach out your helping and caring hands, joining us in constructing a beautiful and wonderful NJUPT through ways convenient to you.

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